Anita Vita

Medical Qigong

Long days. Long hours.
No time for breaks.
Stressed out. Burnt out.

After a long day caring for your patients, when do you care for you?

As Nurses, we know the importance of keeping a strong front and reassuring our patients. But after days and weeks of putting up a strong front for patients, our strength wavers.

Sleep aids, medications, even a relaxing drink is often needed before we find a way to wind down and finally rest.

But rest doesn’t come easy and stress doesn’t go away
when it’s covered up with false aid.

Finding a way to rest and manage your stress can only come from within.
When you can control where your mind is focused and
understand the source of your pain,
only then can you master your stress,
improve your health and ultimately
improve your life.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Anita Vita, a Nurse and a Medical Qigong Practitioner.

I coach Nurses and Healthcare Professionals like you to overcome stress and pain by teaching you Medical Qigong, meditation and healing techniques for renewing your strength and energy and ultimately improving the lives of your patients, your family and growing your career.

Control Stress & Pain

Improve Your Health

All Without Medication

“When I met Anita, I had been managing a condition called esophageal reflux disease for 10 years…Thanks to my practice with Anita, I no longer have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). I no longer have fear and I no longer have to take medication and I no longer have to call my Doctor every month. I don’t have to fear my cycle which used to make my symptoms worse. I trust this. I trust this energy that I have in me so thank you so much, Anita.”
Mariel Clemente

“I came to Anita because I wanted to get some support in getting back into a more consistent meditation practice as well as try something that was new to me. I didn’t expect to have such personal attention and for the time to be so interactive. Together we were able to sit in stillness and create a peaceful moment while she intuitively guided me. And now I can say I was able to get back on track with my meditation practice. That makes me happy because I love that I can reach out for support and guidance when needed and it makes me feel supported. I was excited about the loving and warm energy that Anita has! I’m grateful for Anita’s offerings because this would benefit anyone no matter the level of meditation experience. I enjoyed this because it was just an all around lovely experience.”
Joy Reyes, RN

“My journey significantly changed direction for me with you, Anita. Attending your offering was the first time I paid (invested in myself) to upgrade my path. Before that I had been drifting. Your retreat was a big part of how I came to see as you did. That my gifts would serve far better outside of a traditional setting. I am on my path to that and you’ve been a huge inspiration.”
Mariesa Grow, RN