Anita Nacion-Vita

I am a Nurse Leadership Coach. My goal is to lead you to a harmonious and balanced way of living so you have a strong mindset to deal with life’s challenges along the way.

I seek to inspire Nurses to step-up and show up for themselves so they experience balanced energies in not only their professional life but their personal life as well.

I will show you how to add presence and mindfulness in order to have a positive attitude and serving from a place of overflow.

My programs provide structured guides to refuel and replenish your mind, body and spirit. You will be inspired to use the tools I introduce that sharpen your mindset and invigorate your body giving you the endurance to capture more joy in your nursing career and your life.

You will live a more balanced life by improving mood, increasing mental clarity, finding inner peace that empowers you to own your inner authority.

As an athletic runner, I understand there is an off season to sports and a necessary recovery period for growth and expansion. I integrate this tried and true method of stillness to the nursing community to teach them how to build better relationships with themselves, their patients, colleagues, and loved ones.

For over 12 years, I practiced nursing with an open mind and giving heart. I elevate the lives of my patients as well as my colleagues. Over the years, my clients have turned to me as a guide so they can ground and recharge their energy, reassess and reset their priorities so that they are in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

I have deep passion for intentionally caring for the self and others so that you cultivate more freedom, connection and ultimate happiness. My strength lies in my resiliency to succeed and create a lifestyle motivated by both movement and stillness.

-Anita Nacion-Vita