What My Community Is Saying

“My biggest takeaway was slowing down and being completely present and grounded. Thank you for holding that space so beautifully, as usual.”
Anna Marie Cruz
“Ate Anita, thank you so much for inviting me to your community. You are an inspiration, you sent a powerful message about self-love. ‘Fill your cup so you can give’ resonated. My cup is almost full. I am also learning that self-love is gratitude. When we are grateful, we are kind to ourselves. I was shy and words didn’t come out as I structured it in my head. I got nervous, but it was an opportunity to grow and learn. I felt your loving energy for the community. Namaste!”
Kristine Mae, RN
“When I met Anita, I had been managing a condition called esophageal reflux disease for 10 years and for this condition I was advised by primary care providers and gastroenterologists to take a medication call Omeprazole once or twice daily and I have been doing that for the last 10 years with no relief and it’s worth noting that this medication can be found over the counter and is meant to be a 2-week regimen. Thanks to my practice with Anita, I no longer have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). I no longer have fear and I no longer have to take medication and I no longer have to call my Doctor every month. I don’t have to fear my cycle which used to make my symptoms worse. I trust this. I trust this energy that I have in me so thank you so much, Anita.”
Mariel Clemente
“Hey sis, I just listened to this beautiful meditation at my desk. It was just beautiful and what I needed to support me through those moments of fleeting anger. Thank you.”
Marcia Rosales
“I went to a networking event with very empowering women hosted by my dear friend Anita and I’m still on a high! I love being surrounded by women who are doing incredible things and share in the desire to make an impact greater than themselves—and women who support each other and physically show up. Thank you, Anita, for creating that space.”
Jonilyn Brown

“I came to Anita because I wanted to get some support in getting back into a more consistent meditation practice as well as try something that was new to me. I didn’t expect to have such personal attention and for the time to be so interactive. Together we were able to sit in stillness and create a peaceful moment while she intuitively guided me. And now I can say I was able to get back on track with my meditation practice. That makes me happy because I love that I can reach out for support and guidance when needed and it makes me feel supported. I was excited about the loving and warm energy that Anita has! I’m grateful for Anita’s offerings because this would benefit anyone no matter the level of meditation experience. I enjoyed this because it was just an all around lovely experience.”
Joy Reyes, RN
RN and Sound Alchemist
“I wanted to come on here to say THANK YOU. Thank you for being so candid and honest with your experiences and emotions. Your leadership in today’s circle was extremely impactful and will definitely carry your words of wisdom with me. I’m happy to have gained some tools today, a new perspective on self-care.”
Hope Berena
“My journey significantly changed direction for me with you, Anita. Attending your offering was the first time I paid (invested in myself) to upgrade my path. Before that I had been drifting. Your retreat was a big part of how I came to see as you did. That my gifts would serve far better outside of a traditional setting. I am on my path to that and you’ve been a huge inspiration.”
Mariesa Grow, RN
“I loved that it was simple and something I could pretty much do on my own! Also, I love listening to your voice. It’s calming.”
Tess Narciso, RN
“What an impactful event that provided me with more clarity to show up for myself including all my flaws because it’s those types of flaws that make us unique. You are a blessing and I want you to know that I’m grateful God reunited us the way He did. I love you!”
Fredalyn Pamatmat