New Year Better Me

One year ago today I didn’t know I would be exactly where I  wanted to be.  2016 was a whirlwind of good and not so good experiences. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my so called failed experiences. So I let that go with love and truly am grateful for all of it.  The most significant event last year was gaining clarity on the work that I not only want to do but what I am called to do. I reclaimed my power to trust what excites me and surrender to my calling as a fitness and wellness coach. This new venture fueled my desire to create a community running group for women. I am committed  to empower as many women as I can through movement in the art of running, self-love, self-care, support, accountability, leadership, camaraderie and kinship. A tribe of women who lift each other up and remind us of our greatness no matter what is happening in our lives. A therapeutic and meditative experience.  Today I will never be the woman I used to be, because I am in hot pursuit of the woman that I am meant to be.  It is a beautiful  day to begin a new life. It is my deepest wish that you live out your dreams this year. Start listening to your own voice and hear your truest self. Tomorrow I set out to experience my first self-retreat for a weekend. And for those of you who don’t know what that entails, its basically a time spent in solitude preferably somewhere quiet and in nature. The goal is to go on a “mind” detox and connect with the Self. I will unplug from social media. I will sit in silence. I will mediate. I will practice yoga. I will eat clean. I will read, write in my journal, reflect and create my vision for for 2017. I heard it was a powerful and profound experience from my teacher.  I am very curious to see what comes up for me. I will be writing all about it so stay tuned!

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